Tumbler Candle - Jasmine Tea

Paw Melts

A refreshing quality of tea with leafy green notes blended with the sweet smell and romantic associations of Jasmine. The blends of bergamot, pepper-grass, pink cyclamen, amber, cedar wood and sacred datura make this fragrance an experience you will never forget.

Let us put our poetic feelings aside and explore some of the impressive benefits that jasmine can provide us; improved brain function, calms down the body, mind and soul. 

Primary Scents: jasmine, bergamot, lime, cedarwood, galbanum, palmarosa, sacred datura, cyclamen,  blended in organic wax, natural wood wick   

Burn Time: Approx. 110 hours.

Each box comes prepackaged in a complimentary gift box (as shown) with our signature design. The tumbler is Hand Painted in a Floral Vine Paw Motif - glass is re-usable, non toxic.

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